Purple Sapphire Genuine (Sri Lanka) GPG,627


Purple Sapphire Genuine (Sri Lanka) GPG,627

Purple Sapphire Genuine (Sri Lanka) GPG,627

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This is a rare beautiful Purple sapphire Like the color in a genuine amethyst, as the sapphire hardness is 9 this is a good durable Gemstone for Daleyuse and it is usuallydifficultto find this color.

The Size is 7×5.5×4.5mm
The size is approximately i ct
Purple Sapphire Related to the higher mind, intuition, self-mastery, the Sapphire stone is known to bring spiritual insights and clarity to its wearer. Violet Sapphire helps curb unnecessary worries and opens up the Crown chakra, the epicenter of our spirituality. Instilling a sense of calmness and unity, this gemstone is an excellent contributor towards meditation. A variety of Corundum, a mineral of aluminum oxide, the Violet Sapphire, gets its violet hue due to the presence of vanadium, which creates shades from lavender to violet to deep purple. Corundum comes from many places around the world and is extensively used in industry cutting. Most notably and popular sapphires come from Sri Lanka and Kashmir with the most prominent violet ones coming from Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Uses and Benefits Sapphire act as professional support stone, Violet Sapphire, especially in the paler shades, is an epitome of wise leadership and honesty in business dealings. Thus, this stone is good for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs.Known to have a calming effect, the stone is known to strengthen the veins and helps in dealing with blood-related disorders. It helps in calming down the mind and in regulating the glands.Negating unnecessary worries and curbing emotional instability, the stone helps in re-establishing balance and reaffirming faith.They also help in dealing with an inferiority complex and regaining confidence.Helping in stimulating and balancing the Crown chakra, the stone opens up our gateway to the expanded universe which is much beyond our imagination. When this chakra is balanced, our energies are balanced too. We get enlightened towards our place in the universe and learn to accept the relevance and truth of things in our life.Being the stone of awakening, this gemstone increases our spiritual beliefs and astuteness.Exhibiting a calm energy, this stone is ideal for meditation too.


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